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RL circuit 

RL circuit

By viewing the circuit as a voltage divider, we see that the voltage across the inductor is:

and the voltage across the resistor is:

The most straightforward way to derive the time domain behaviour is to use the Laplace transforms of the expressions for VL and VR given above. Assuming a step input :


Partial fractions expansions and the inverse Laplace transform yield :

Resistor voltage step-response.

Inductor voltage step-response.

  • Example

Simulate the behavior of RL circuit in multisim.

To start Transient Analysis , select

Simulate » Analyses » Transient Analysis .

Set Initial Conditions to Set to zero and the End time = 5sec . Then choose V(1) as selected variables for analysis .

 File for that simulation is found here

 Design with : (Multisim power pro version 10.1.1)