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Star- Delta starter circuit 

Star- Delta starter circuit

This circuit is used to start motor working using star connection for some period and then switch to delta connection. This method is used to start high power motors.

When we click on "START" button, "A" relay is activated and its contact activates relay "M", which connects motor to power supply.

Other contacts of relay "A" connect motor windings in star connection. Motor starts rotate using low voltage.

Time relay "ZR" is also activated by "START" button. When time relay finishes counting its normally closed contact activates and relay "A" is deactivated, which activates relay "B".

Relay "B" converts motor connection type to delta. Auxiliary contact of relay "B" deactivates time relay "ZR".

When we click on "STOP" button all relays deactivated and motor circuit cut off power supply.

 File for that simulation is found here